Friday, August 31, 2012

Math 20-1 Course Outline

Unit I: Quadratic Functions/Equations 25%
-analyze quadratic functions represented by equations in standard & general form
-direction of opening
-axis of symmetry -x- and y-intercepts
-factor expressions
-solve problems involving quadratic equations

Unit II: Systems of Equations/Inequations (Linear & Quadratic) 20%
-solve, algebraically & graphically, problems involving systems of linear
-quadratic and quadratic
-quadratic equations in two variables
-solve problems involving linear and quadratic inequalities in one & two variables

 Unit III: Radical, Rational, Absolute Value & Reciprocal Functions 30%
-solve problems involving operations on radicals & radical expressions having numerical and variable radicands
-solve problems involving radical equations
-determine equivalent forms of rational expressions
-perform operations on rational expressions
-solve problems involving rational expressions (containing up to & including trinomials)
-demonstrate an understanding of absolute value of real numbers
-graph & analyze absolute value functions to solve problems (limited to linear and quadratic)
-graph & analyze reciprocal functions (limited to linear and quadratic)

Unit IV: Sequences/Series & Trigonometry 25%
-analyze arithmetic/geometric sequences to solve problems
-demonstrate an understanding of angles in standard position
-solve problems using the three primary trigonometric ratios (principle angles)
-solve problems using the cosine/sine laws, including the ambiguous case

Our semester is approximately 90 days in length; the pacing in the course is determined by that and the relative emphasis of each unit. Students can expect to have some homework throughout; this shouldn't be a huge burden provided we can stay on pace within each unit.

Summative evaluation for the course work will consist of Quizzes/Projects (20%) and Unit Exams (80%); this will determine the student's in-class mark. Formative evaluation will occur within each class; this can be intrinsic (through their own reflection on completed tasks) AND extrinsic (feedback from peers or myself). To arrive at the FINAL mark in Math 20-1, this in-class mark will have a 60% weighting; the Final Exam will make up the remaining 40%.

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